Luba aka RocknRose and her husband Marvin aka RocknBudda and RocknApetite , two of his more well-known alias have been EXPOSED. Together this dynamic duo has been scamming members for years on MyFreeCams. Luba does the heavy work while her husband is constantly tipping her, and PMing and building relationships with other members to encourage them to tip. Its rather pathetic but it’s TRUE. 

Below you will find the marriage certificate to prove the allegations, and that’s just the start really. The real scam is how she and her husband prey on unsuspecting men with a powerful 1, 2 punch. Her husband is nothing but a conman and she allows him to participate to prey on the lovesick men.

Marriage certificates are a matter of public record and we encourage you to see for yourself. The duo was married in 2018 in Harris County, Texas. Here is the clerk of courts website – County Website  , just search for results in May of 2018 and here is the file number – B257116.

They were a difficult duo to locate and pin down their scam, but WE GOT THEM. Marvin is very obvious to spot, he uses the exact same syntax in his public chats, pm’s and even when he types for her, replies to her emails, social media accounts and updates Luba charlesbot.  All you have to do if you feel victim to this duo is check your personal messages from them, check the vast English difference at times when Luba talks to you, sometimes it seems perfect and other times the wording struggles, that’s because Marvin is doing most of the talking, you’re simply spending your time talking to a man pretending to be his wife. Very very sad!

This couple has collected MILLIONS of dollars from men who think they are talking and getting to know a single woman with the possibility of meeting or marrying one day. Its just not the truth !